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The Gardeners Package

Package contains:

  • 1 Recyclable Peat Pot (4”) w/ (2”) SS sticker
  • 2-3 Peat Pellets (42 mm) 
  • 1 Seed packet w/ (1.5”) 
  • 1 Instruction sheet with information on expanding peat pellets

Choose From:

Gypsophila, Covent Garden Market: 

This annual is used for a bouquet filler as it has sprays of petite ½" white single blooms. It is easy to grow. Ensure to provide sharply drained alkaline soils. Annual | Ht. 55cm/22” 

Chrysanthemum, Madonna: 

F1, Leucanthemum maximum Fleuro Gold Medal 2020 for its improved uniformity and plant habit. Like all Shastas, it blooms for a part of the summer, this one in late summer with fresh blooms into Fall. Madonna is a compact Shasta Daisy that is easy to grow and care for. Perennial Zone 4 | Ht. 30cm/12” | Bl. Late Summer |

Helianthus, Sunrich Gold Hybrid

Golden petals with a green disk. F1, H. annuus Pollenless sunflower especially developed for the cut flower trade. Uniform, 4-6” flowers produced on single stems. Now you can have beautiful sunflower arrangements without messy pollen falling on your furniture. Annual | Ht. 130cm/52” 

Zinnia, Sunshine Mix

F1, Z. elegans Professional cutting mix of yellow (AAS winner), pink, red (AAS winner), orange, purple, and cream. Fully double 10cm/4” flowers, mildew resistant plants. Heavy producers until frost. Annual | Ht. 75cm/30” | 

Marigold, Fireball Marigold

Outstanding new color of deep red blooms turn and shades of orange as they age. As with all marigolds, color depth is dependent on weather conditions. Double Anemone type blooms on strong plants. Annual | Ht. 30cm/12” 

Zinnia, Profusion Red

Z. hybrida AAS & Fleuroselect winner 2018. Mounded plants with deep red blooms create impact in all types of weather. Blooms quickly (size 2 1/2”) and until frost on healthy disease-resistant foliage. Annual | Ht. 30cm/12”

Carrots Sprint

Earliest maturing carrot. Matures 5-7 days earlier than Maxi in the spring and produces shorter and heavier roots. 5-6” bright orange, uniform roots are ideal for cold frame or tunnel growing. Excels under cool conditions. Coreless and sweet. 42 days.

Summer Squash, Black Beauty-SI

Standard open-pollinated variety. Also known as Dark Green. Dark green, cylindrical fruits on large bush plants. Pick when fruit is 6-8” long for optimum quality. Not as productive or as early as hybrid varieties. 55 days. 

Kale, Vates

Green ruffled leaf for baby greens. Vates has a nice medium dark green leaf with just enough curl to give loft in baby green mixes. Darker blue-green than Westlandse.

Lettuce, Leny Organic

Versatile, open-heading, heat-tolerant Batavian. Large, heavy, bright green heads. Crispy leaves stay sweet when under stress. Can also be used in greenhouse production for year-round growing. 65 days.


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