Nadha Bhramha: Sounds of the Beyond

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Traditional verses sung by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder Isha Foundation.These are traditional verses that have existed in India, and have been in use since time immemorial.

The whole existence, as modern science proves today, is just a vibration of energy. What is considered as physical reality is only a relative existence. This is also the essence of religion. What a scientist merely deduces by his calculations, and the religious person believed, the yogi knows by his experience of truth. This is called Nadha Bhramha - the whole existence is just sound.

The genesis of the song Nadha Bhramha goes back to a time when Sadhguru made his first journey, a decade ago, to Kanti Sarovar, which is beyond Kedarnath in the mystical Himalayas...

"I was sitting silently on the banks of the Kanti Sarovar, eyes wide open. Then I hear this song in a big way, in my own voice. I hear it loud and clear, so loud that it is as if the whole mountain is singing it. It is my voice, and it is in Sanskrit, a language I never learned. In my experience, everything has turned into sound. I did not create the song - the relationship of sound and form just descended upon me." - Sadhguru

Contains 8 tracks:

  • 1. Nadha Bhramha (Sanskrit) - 3:55
  • 2. Bhaja Govindam (Sanskrit) - 18:28
  • 3. Yello Hudikide (Kannada) - 4:15
  • 4. Ethiruganano - Rama (Telugu) - 5:30
  • 5. Guru Bina Kaise (Hindi) - 2:48
  • 6. Kaya Nahi Teri (Hindi) - 2:05
  • 7. Lingashtakam (Sanskrit) - 7:08
  • 8. Ulagamellame (Tamil) - 1:47
  • 9. Nadha Bhramha (Sanskrit) - 3:53
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