Matte Finish Copper Water Bottle with Brass Aum, 700 ml

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Make sure you have access to copper purified water all the time, with this large matte finish copper water bottle. The contemporary design, and the elegant AUM symbol on the front make this bottle a new classic in copper drinkware. Stay healthy and hydrated every day!

"Because water has memory, we are very concerned with how we store it. If you keep water in a copper vessel, preferably overnight or at least for four hours, the water acquires a certain quality from the copper which is very good for your liver in particular and your health and energy in general." - Sadhguru 

Read the full article by Sadhguru on how water stored in copper vessels can play a significant role in cleansing our system of various toxins.

Copper utensils, when exposed to air and water, gradually turn dark (bluish-green) and dull. Click here to read Copper Cleaning Guide.

Note: Please do not store milk, juices and other beverages in copper vessels.

This bottle's metal cap is susceptible to leakage when the bottle is laid in a horizontal position. 


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