Linga Bhairavi - Ye Devi

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Ye Devi - A Music CD dedicated to the Grace and Presence of the Divine Feminine.

These sublimely powerful chants were especially selected by Sadhguru to be played at the consecration of Linga Bhairavi. Ethereal vocals, resounding with the stark intensity of the mantras, and subtle soundscapes of traditional instruments evoke a warmly serene, meditative ambiance. A mystical space to connect and resound with the creative and nurturing aspects of the universe.

Linga Bhairavi is an exuberant of the Divine Feminine - fierce and compassionate all at once. The Devi, consecrated by Sadhguru in January 2010, greatly enhances the physical dimensions of life, material well being and health. The Linga Bhairavi Temple is located at the southwest corner of the Dhyanalinga Temple Complex, Velliangiri Foothills, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

More Information: LingaBhairavi.Org

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