In The Presence Of Master - Audio Discourses Vol1

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16 Hours of Audio Discourses in USB.

Excerpts from Sadhguru's discourses during various programs, including sathsangs, introductions, and other recent programs.

In the Presence of the Master Series (4GB, 16 Hours of Audio Discourses in USB) has following discourses –

Inner management
Dissolving your personality
A Guru always takes you for a ride
Encounter the Enlightened
Isha Sacred Space for Self-transformation
From Creation to Creator
Why Suffering?
Women in Spirituality Part 1
Women in Spirituality Part 2
Circus of the intellect
Sexuality and Divine
Guru – A live Roadmap
Hell or Heaven – It’s your choice
Inspire your child, inspire the world
Is Spirituality a Science?
Leela Glimpses
Magical Mountain
Moving India part 1
Moving India part 2
Of Love and Life

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