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About Us

"There is only one business in the world and that is of human wellbeing."

- Sadhguru

Isha Foundation (https://isha.sadhguru.org) is dedicated to raise human consciousness, and to foster global harmony through individual transformation. Guided by Sadhguru, it is an essential resource to explore the ancient science of yoga in all its depths and dimensions. Foundation offers a variety of programs which provide different methods to attain physical, mental and spiritual well-being. These offerings show the path to experience life fully and helps to explore the ultimate human potential.
Sadhguru’s Vision for our businesses is inclusive in nature. It aims to bring a touch of Isha in the homes and social communities in different parts of the world. It also supports Isha’s social projects by making them sustainable and financially independent.

Ishalife.com is an online wellness store offering Isha products like Yoga Mats & Yoga Accessories, Copper Drinkware, Consecrated Temple products like Rudraksha Mala, Sadhguru Books & DVD, Traditional & Wholesome Food, Ayurveda/Siddha Medicines & Supplements, Handcrafted Home Decor, Natural Body Care products, Herbal Incense, Cotton Clothing and Accessories, and much more. 


Each design and project is created with an original force of inventiveness and ingenuity, known specifically to Isha. Dedicated to their work with total intensity, each person involved in a project, produces only the highest quality work, bringing newly specialized style and aesthetics, with the essence of love, care, and precision. Fashioned with fine crafting traditions, woven with lively motifs from across India and enriched with this land’s ancient wisdom of wellbeing, Isha products brings together the authentic Indian experience. No one can miss the sublime beauty and distinctive approach of design in every item.

Our business initiatives are also an effort to empower local workers in rural Tamil Nadu by promoting their traditional arts and crafts while providing them a means of livelihood. Both makers and users get a personal touch of love by using these products.
With every purchase of an Isha product, you support Isha Foundation's initiatives to uplift the lives of marginalised and poor communities in rural India through our outreach projects like Project Green Hands, Action for Rural Rejuvenation, Isha Vidhya.
Project Green Hands (https://www.projectgreenhands.org) is an environmental revolution which aims to increase the green cover of our mother earth and restore the quality of the soil. Its inclusive social strategy involves people from every sector of our society working together towards their shared environmental security and wellbeing. The stated mission of the project is to plant 114 million trees throughout Tamil Nadu as soon as possible and increase the forest cover in the state to 33 percent.
Action for Rural Rejuvenation is a pioneering social outreach program that seeks to transform the lives of India’s rural population. ARR takes a comprehensive approach to the complex challenges faced by rural communities by implementing a range of health, livelihood and community revitalization programs.  ARR’s work to uplift rural India include: Isha Rural Health Clinics, serving around thirty surrounding villages, and seeing an average of a hundred patients daily; Herbal gardens providing indigenous herbal remedies to rural communities; Karunai Karuvarai (Wombs of Compassion), in response to the high suicide rate among farmers, one person in each village is trained as a counselor so farmers have someone to turn to; Isha Crafts, providing a traditional livelihood to villagers and promoting creativity. Know more about the project.
Isha Vidya (https://www.ishavidhya.org) aims to provide affordable and high-quality education in rural India. The approach is to nurture the well-being of rural children on all levels and provide them a holistic education which helps in their overall growth as a human being.