The Youth and Truth Theme Song (music) [single, mp3]

The Youth and Truth theme song is here!

“Youth and Truth” is an initiative launched by Sadhguru to enable youth to attain their fullest potential and bring about a much-needed sense of clarity and balance.

The liveliness of a person is in direct proportion to the wonder one has for the life. Youth being one of the liveliest periods of life, it is naturally wonderful and filled with wonder. Wonder arises from the millions of unanswered questions that arise within about anything and everything. Beyond goals, beyond successes and failures, beyond dreams and ambitions, beyond emotions and intellectual arguments, there still exist the questions – some articulated, many unarticulated. A genuine question is the best tool to seek out the truth. It doesn’t get satisfied with simplistic solutions the world around has invented to cope with the uncertainties. In all this wonder and exciting confusion, how does one find the right path, or is there a right path?

As part of this, Sadhguru launched the Youth and truth movement on September 4th 2018 in Delhi.”