Leadership Beyond the Leader (English video)

History is rich with leaders of all kinds. Some, defined by their carpe diem approach, have stoked revolutions. Others, consumed by ambition, have facilitated the heights of both glory and gore. Still others are recognized for their love, passion and vision. But who is a true leader? What qualities should they possess? Because the stakes are high, every nuance of their thought and emotion decides the quality of so many lives. And yet, who is not a leader? On closer look, every individual takes on a leadership role – officially crowned or not – in his own sphere of life.

This video is a must for all those who aspire to be a leader, big or small. Watch as Sadhguru lays bare the ingredients that make a leader, while narrating examples from his own life. Empower yourself to become a leader who functions beyond your limited identity, who embraces wellbeing for all.