Ananda Alai

Over 15,000 years ago, Adiyogi (the First Yogi) transmitted the science of evolving human consciousness to the Sapta Rishis (the seven sages), who spread this knowing throughout the world. Agastya Muni, one of the Seven Sages, walked throughout India, enshrining the yogic system as the land’s culture. Today, this rich heritage has begun to diminish.

To revive this, and to ensure that every individual receives at least “one drop of spirituality” in his life, Sadhguru has set forth “a wave of bliss” through large spiritual gatherings called Mahasathsangs – a heart rending phenomenon of transmission beyond words. This video is a glimpse of the “Wave of Bliss” which swept the state of Tamil Nadu, in South India, in the Winter of 2010.

[Tamil with English subtitles]