Ambience Of Grace Gift Set

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Consecrated Dhyanalinga Yantra  

“Dhyana” in Sanskrit means meditation and “linga” means the form. Dhyanalinga is a profound meditative space at the Isha Yoga Center in India.

Blessed by Sadhguru, this consecrated copper Dhyanalinga Yantra serves as a bridge or a doorway to access and experience the energy of the Dhyanalinga, providing benefits similar to being in-person in its powerful sphere. 

For additional information, read this article in which Sadhguru explains the 7 Qualities of the Dhyanalinga. 


Maintenance Guidelines:

Please adhere to the following guidelines in order to sustain an atmosphere of sanctity and cleanliness around the yantra.

  • The Yantra should always be displayed on a new, unused white cloth.
  • It should lean against a wooden or new, unused white cloth surface.
  • It should not lean directly against a metal, earth or other surfaces. 
  • It may be kept in a horizontal or vertical position but it should not be kept on the floor. 


Consecrated items are not eligible for return or refund. If, within 48 hours of delivery, the lamp shows damage or defect, you may contact Isha Shoppe for repair or replacement. 


Linga Jyoti Lamp

This beautiful brass and copper Linga Jyoti oil lamp has been uniquely designed with intricate carvings of a serpent and Linga to be a symbol of light and purification in your home. Sadhguru tells us that lighting an oil lamp every day and staying in its presence for some time cleanses certain aspects of our system, and enhances receptivity and sensitivity.

For additional information, read this article by Sadhguru about the significance of lighting an oil lamp. Wicks for the oil lamp may be found here.

To use the oil lamp: Roll the cotton wick between your palms until it becomes long and thin. Gently thread the wick through the wick holder, leaving about ½ inch exposed at the top. Fill the lamp oil reservoir to at least two-thirds with a natural oil such as sesame or vegetable oil. Light the exposed wick and adjust the height of the wick as needed using tweezers.



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Ambience Of Grace Gift Set
Ambience Of Grace Gift Set

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